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Trendy Summer Nail Colours & Designs : Pink Abstract Swirl Natural Nails

14. Double French Tips Grey Nails

For a modern twist on the classic French nails, you can experiment with different variations. Consider using colored tips, such as soft pastels or bold hues, instead of the traditional white. This subtle change can add a unique and contemporary flair to your French nail look.

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Nails by @alieva_nailart.  

39. Polar Bear, Gold & Teal Nails

The holiday season brings with it a wave of joy, warmth, and an undeniable magic that permeates every festive gathering. Elevate your Christmas cheer with enchanting nail art that mirrors the spirit of the season. Here are 52 captivating Christmas nail ideas to add a touch of holiday magic to your fingertips:

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Cute Nails 

10. Stylish pink nails with cheetah print

There are many way to add more details to your pink nail design and one of among hot trends is animal print nail designs.  If you are looking for sexy and stylish nail design, Try adding these animal print to your manicure, like these nails below that use cheetah on pink base nails with gold accent.  This way you will still have your feminine manicure with a sexy look.

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Nails by zlodeeva_nails_studio | More info or book your nail appointment with zlodeeva_nails_studio  |

Trendy Summer Nail Colours & Designs
: Pink Abstract Swirl Natural Nails

78. Double French + Glitter Nails

From earthy elegance, cozy knitwear, pumpkin spice glam to moody gradients, with these stunning autumn nail art ideas, you’ll be able to carry the beauty of the season wherever you go. Whether you’re embracing the colours of falling leaves or paying homage to pumpkin spice, your nails will become a canvas for self-expression and a testament to your appreciation for the enchanting and picturesque spirit of fall.

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Gorgeous Nails @alyshanailartist on Instagram. 

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