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Rock Your Style with Trendy Nail Designs : Bright Summer Almond Nails

4. Sparkly silver french tips

French manicure nail polish bling bling in silver tipsfor those who love French nail style. This beautiful nail art is the perfect shiny neutral with glam look that you want for any time of the year. The look is easy to wear and elegant with silver effect.

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Nails by gert_nails | More info or book your nail appointment with gert_nails  |

14. Aesthetic Valentines Nails

It’s almost Valentine’s day now people! Have you planned anything for this romantic day? Whether you are an anti-valentine’s day, or you really looking forward for this day but it doesn’t matter when it comes to cute nail art and beauty for yourself love. We have got the best Valentine’s day nail art designs from awesome nail artists for every taste. So grab 40 ideas and recreate the galentine look that suits yourself.

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This beautiful nail set by @sacredhands_. 

15. Black, Marble and gold line nails

Love the grey marble designs? Then you will love this next idea. For this look, the nails have two designs in black polish and grey marble. Two nails are simple black nails. The rest of the nails are white base with smokey grey marble and gold copper lines accent nails. We love this trendy idea.

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These beautiful nails by nailsmade. Looking for more beautiful nail ideas? Explore more beautiful nails or book an appointment with nailsmade. Head over to explore more nail art design ideas from nailsmade. 

Rock Your Style with Trendy Nail Designs
: Bright Summer Almond Nails

32. Nude Ombre Nails with Flower Embellishment Effects

We are officially in Autumn. Autumn is a wonderful time of the year and one of the most love seasons to get married. You will want to look ravishing on your big day.  While you are preparing for your wedding it is important to remember to eat well, drink plenty of water and look after your skin and hands. Your fingernails are one of the most focused points on the big day and also will be photographed and kept for many years to come. So get your final manicure and pedicure the day before so your nails can thoroughly dry. Get a bottle of your polish from the manicurist for last-minute touch-ups. To help you find the best wedding nails, we have rounded up over 70+ beautiful wedding nails for brides. Take a look and see which nail look suit your wedding style.

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Beautiful nails by  @dorcinails.  

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