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Most Beautiful Nail Designs to Inspire You

34. White & Gold Swirl Nails

Happy New Year to you all! Say goodbye to Christmas pudding or candy cane nails. If you haven’t started planning your first manicure of 2023, what are you even doing? Start here to create a list of cute nails to do in 2023 that allows you to make healthier lifestyle tweaks every month. We’ve collected 2023 nail trends and have a little something for everyone from glazed donut nails, and airbrush nails, to chrome nails.

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Cute Nails by @nails.miastudio. 

15.  Fairy Dust Glitter and Swarovski Crystals

A super stylish and stunning coffin nails. The nails feature different design each nail, one nail is glitter pink and second nail is white with lace embossed design, third nail is half white half pink with crystal accent nail and last is white matte nail with crystal accent nail. This is super girly and it’s perfect for any occasion especially a wedding.

Nails by home_of_deva | More info or book your nail appointment with home_of_deva |

22. Caviar Beads + Pearls

There are so many questions running through your wedding plans, and wedding nails are one of those things! What nails should I have for my wedding? What colour nails do brides have? Can you wear red or white polish on your wedding day? We’ve got the right answer to these questions. Scroll down for best wedding nails and click left or right for more beautiful wedding nails that are the best wedding nails for 2022.

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This beautiful nail set by @mydumbnails.  

Most Beautiful Nail Designs to Inspire

26. Abstract nail design

Looking for a pretty and elegant nail art design? All the nail art ideas and inspiration you could need. We have a pretty design that will suit with any nail shape. Looking for something a bit more sparkle? You’ll love this simple abstract nails. It doesn’t get more perfect for spring than this.

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Nails by nails_of_la  | More info or book your nail appointment with _nails_of_la . 

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