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Fresh Summer Nail Designs : Dior Nails

31. Ombré Pink Tone Nails

Another cute nail idea when you can’t decide similar to mix and match really but in ombré style. Ombré nails are a great option for when you want to feature multiple colours in your manicure. This pink tone is great choice for summer nail look.

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These beautiful nails by a_studio_nails_ufa. Looking for more beautiful nail ideas? Explore more beautiful nails or book an appointment with a_studio_nails_ufa Head over to explore more nail art design ideas from a_studio_nails_ufa. 

22. Metallic Gold French Nails

Happy New Year to you all! Say goodbye to Christmas pudding or candy cane nails. If you haven’t started planning your first manicure of 2023, what are you even doing? Start here to create a list of cute nails to do in 2023 that allows you to make healthier lifestyle tweaks every month. We’ve collected 2023 nail trends and have a little something for everyone from glazed donut nails, and airbrush nails, to chrome nails.

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Cute Nails via @_magdamaria. 

29. Green Butterfly Short Nude Nails

We’re so glad that there’s no further lock down this spring, otherwise can’t imaging what our spring nails are going to look like. Life is too short with boring nails, don’t you agree? In that case are you ready to see what our favorite nail artists have for the spring nail looks? The designs we’re seeing are super cute, feminine, not too fuss and easy to recreate. We can’t wait to try. So keep browsing and pick your favorite and try it now ahead of season.

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This beautiful nail set by @nailsrnd. 

Fresh Summer Nail Designs : Dior Nails

10. Different Colour Short Nails

These delightful Thanksgiving nail art ideas offer a stunning opportunity to infuse the spirit of the season onto your fingertips. Whether you opt for traditional motifs or creative expressions of gratitude, these designs will ensure your nails are a captivating reflection of the warmth and charm that Thanksgiving brings.

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Gorgeous Nails @mur.nails.ekaterina on Instagram.   

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