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Best Festive Nails : Gorgeous Green & Gold Nails

56. Orange, Pink & Red Nails

Flowers are blooming and daylight is stay longer, there’s no reason not to start enjoying the warmer weather now. Summer is the season of bright colours, lightweight fabrics, comfortable outfits and the perfect time to experiment with bold and bright nail colours and designs. If you’re looking for a little summer mani inspo, grab that sunhat and explore these cute summer manicure from our rounded up. These nails are perfect for holiday mode and summer mood.

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Beautiful Nails by @nails_by_jenna.k.  

20. Dark green and gold leaf nails

Love the dark nail look, check out these stunning nails. For this look, the nails are short  with with black three different look, one nail is dark green paint and second and third look are similar with half green half white with gold vertical line and gold leaf accent nails.

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These beautiful nails by natalik_nails. Looking for more beautiful nail ideas? Explore more beautiful nails or book an appointment with natalik_nails. Head over to explore more nail art design ideas from natalik_nails. 

20. White, Reflective Gold & Present Nails

These enchanting Christmas nail ideas offer a delightful way to express your festive spirit. Whether you prefer classic elegance, playful whimsy, or a touch of glamour, these designs will add a magical sparkle to your holiday season. Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with festive fingertips that reflect the joy and warmth of Christmas.

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Cute Nails 

Best Festive Nails : Gorgeous Green
& Gold Nails

8. Nude pink glossy with gold foil

Give your nails a stylish look with a design like this one. The nails are nude pink with glossy look and decorated with gold foil. These nails will look amazing on anyone!

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Beautiful Nails by t.romantsova. There are many more unique and creative nail art designs from t.romantsova, head over to explore more nail art design ideas from t.romantsova. 

17. Matte Pink nails with rose gold

If you are a big fan of matte nail ideas then this design might be perfect for you. Most of the nails are simple matte pink nails and two nails are light pink base nails with rose gold and words written accent nails. This is a creative nail look and will make you nails stand out and different from others.

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Nails by oxana_kushchenko | More info or book your nail appointment with oxana_kushchenko  |

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